D.C. Reads is a tutoring program for low-income children in the first through third grades who are not reading at grade level. D.C. Reads began in 1997 as a local response to the America Reads Challenge, a literacy initiative established to improve reading proficiency for all elementary students. America Reads Challenge allowed university students who are eligible for financial aid to receive work study funds to tutor children in various levels of literacy engagement.

D.C. Reads seeks to combat DC educational inequalities by tutoring mentoring and engaging students in challenging environments. In doing so, D.C. Reads fosters relationships among elementary youth, college students, families and community by increasing knowledge of the larger social justice issues that surround education.

DC Reads is a tutoring, mentoring and advocacy organization committed to providing literacy resources to underserved kids in Wards 7 and 8. Over 250 Georgetown students regularly tutor 450 elementary students in 7 schools and 2 community center.

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Tutor, Mentor and Advocate for Children in Ward 7 and Educational Equity in DC















DC Scores Mission

For people who believe in a well-rounded childhood, DC SCORES has the quality, team-based approach providing youth with the arts, athletics, and academics that will engage, enrich, and improve their lives. DC SCORES builds teams through after school programs for 1,500 low-income DC youth at 47 schools by instilling self-expression, physical fitness, and a sense of community. DC SCORES accomplishes this in an innovative model combining poetry, soccer, and service-learning year-round.


DC Scores  Model

Our holistic after-school program helps DC SCORES students improve their fitness levels, develop self-expression, and establish deep community connections through service projects — all while developing closer bonds with teachers and peers. We hire and train motivated DC public school teachers to run the program, thus providing each student with direct access to a trusted mentor.













The Embassy Adoption Program (EAP) is an academic program (offered in partnership with the Washington Performing Arts Society) for 5th and 6th grade DCPS students.  This remarkable program is the one that could only happen in a city like DC, and does only happen at DC Public Schools.


Here’s how it works:


5th and 6th grade DCPS teachers apply to participate in the program.

Each class is paired with an embassy.

Together with an embassy representative, the teacher and class embark on a yearlong adventure, exploring their adopted country’s history, culture, government, arts, food, geography, and much more.

The EAP classroom delves into globally-themed lesson units, meet heads of state and princes, sample new and exotic foods, learn and perform traditional dances and plays, and truly experience the global offerings of our city.  Each classroom participates in two capstone projects in the spring: the Mini United Nations, which brings together all EAP classes from DC to discuss global issues; and a Final Presentation, when students create and deliver a presentation about their adopted country, at the embassy and for the ambassador.











Collaborative Arts Partnership

In partnership with D.C. Public Schools, Washington Performing Arts Society provides multi-year partnerships lead by local professional teaching artists to support arts education in D.C. Public Schools. In addition to in-school residency sessions, student attend field trips and performance opportunities throughout the year as well as summer intensive workshops to further their experience and growth as young artists. All programs align with the DC Arts Standards.


The program supports instrumental music instruction on string instruments for elementary age groups using the O’Conner String Method. The program is currently in two D.C. Public Schools.








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