801 Division Avenue

NEWashington, DC



ph (202) 671-6020


Mon-Fri  8:00 am - 4:30 pm

School Hours 8:15 am - 4:00pm

Sat-Sun  Closed




Customer Service Policy




Offering Service with a smile is our top priority

Customer Service Standards


Customer service at Burrville Elementary School is top priority. We will take customer service

to the next level by involving all employees in a school-wide movement of “Wowing” our

parents, scholars, and visitors with sensational customer service practices.


Burrville Elementary School promotes a culture of high expectations for our scholars’

achievement and commendable staff performance. Every employee will be empowered to deliver

high quality customer service where everyone is welcomed, valued, and appreciated.


When guests interact with a BES Team Member, They can expect excellence in:


Courtesy & Respect

• Greet Visitors immediately

• Listen

• Treat everyone with dignity & respect

• Communicate clearly and positively

• Ensure customer confidentiality and privacy


• Answer telephones within three rings

• Be proactive and resourceful

• Maintain a pleasant tone and positive attitude

• Be an active listener and value customer’s inquires or concerns


• Acknowledge customers politely and respectfully

• Go the extra mile and provide accurate information

• Provide appropriate alternatives in problem solving

• Respond to emails, faces, and return calls within 24 hours

• Work as collaborative team

• Display a positive and calm demeanor


• Create a welcoming, professional, and inviting atmosphere

• Act and Dress professionally

• Maintain the facilities, building, and grounds with pride

• Require all visitors to check-in at the front office and wear visitor’s badges


Book by Jonah Winter


This is the story of Dizzy Gillespie, a real cool cat who must have been born with a horn in his hands, judging from the way he played the trumpet. Jazz was his ticket on a train to better days, and he left his hard life in a small town for New York City and the hottest band around. But did Dizzy stand straight and play right? NO! He was a clown. He hit high notes, low notes, never-been-heard notes, and before he knew it, Dizzy created a whole new music: BEBOP.







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Notice of Non-Discrimination

The District of Columbia has revised its notice of non-discrimination, a document that explicitly states District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) prohibits discrimination on a range of factors detailed in the notice as well as applicable federal and local laws.  The document further states that violation of the aforementioned laws will not be tolerated and violators will be subject to disciplinary action.  As required by the resolution agreement signed by DCPS, the District has included its revised notice of non-discrimination as a footer on each of the District’s webpages.  We are asking that your school also comply with this resolution by providing the same or a similar notice

of non-discrimination.




There is a connection between school attendance, academic success and parent involvement.

Parents/Guardians have a responsibility to get their scholars to school on time, every day.

Breakfast is served 8:15 AM - 8:40 AM for students.  Instruction begins promptly at 8:45 AM.

Scholars who arrive to school after 8:45 AM are considered tardy.  They must get a tardy pass before being admitted to class.  Scholars who are absent for at least 3 days will be contacted by the teacher and social worker. Absenteeism and tardiness will be monitored daily by the social worker. Parents must provide the teacher or social worker with a written request to excuse an absent or tardy scholar.  Chronic absenteeism (10) unexcused days, is considered truancy, and will be handled by the social worker, according to the DC Compulsory School Attendance Law.



Burrville’s Word of the Week features 2 : to state or express briefly : SUGGEST (Week 3) Isolate To set or keep apart from others (Week 4) Respective Not the same or shared : SEPARATE " width="699" height="580" srcset=""/>


April 1st

Early Enrollment for 2014-15 Begins


April 3rd-10th

 DC CAS Testing Grades 3-5


Friday, April 4th

College Gear Day


April 14th-21st

Spring Break!


Friday, May 2nd

College Prep Day


Saturday, May 3rd

Mother & Daughter Tea

Voyage to India


Thursday, May 22nd

Scholar Expo- Family Engagement Cookout

Science Fair Exhibits, Spring Concert, Art Fair


Monday, May 26th

Memorial Day No School